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Author Elle

Twelve-year-old Elle is the author of the books Wonderful Earth (2019) and Elle the Humanist (2020). Elle is a 6th grade student in elementary school and lives with her family in Santa Barbara, CA. Elle loves sharing her passion for life with others through her books.

Elle the Humanist Story Background: Elle was one of the few kids in her third-grade class who wasn't religious. When she talked to friends and classmates, she found that many of them had a hard time imagining someone who didn't go to church or pray. Some others wondered how Elle could know right from wrong without religious leaders or sacred books to tell her. The conversations Elle found herself having weren't judgmental or contentious, but the result of honest curiosity. After school, Elle would ask her dad to help her explain what she believed and how she felt in a way that would make sense to the other kids at school. From those talks came ideas that eventually became Elle the Humanist a warm, clearly expressed introduction to humanism for young readers.

Author Bailey

17-year old Bailey is the author of the Stardust series of science books for young readers.

Bailey was eight years old when she was inspired to write her first book, a beautifully illustrated children’s book that presented sound science in a manner accessible to young readers and pre-readers.

My Name Is Stardust was released in 2017 and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Follow-ups Stardust Explores the Solar System (2018) and Stardust Explores Earth’s Wonders (2019) have continued in that tradition, presenting concepts of astronomy, geology, biology, and principles such as the Big Bang and evolution.

Author Douglas Harris 

Douglas is the co-author of the Stardust book series, co-author of Elle the Humanist, and a science education advocate. While studying biology in college, he discovered his other passions, business and writing. This gives Douglas the unique ability to bring science to life.

Douglas co-authored the Stardust Book series with his daughter, Bailey. My Name is Stardust is the first in their series of children's illustrated science storybooks. Book two in the series, Stardust Explores the Solar System, was released in 2018. Book three, Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders, was released in 2019.

Douglas co-authored Elle the Humanist with his daughter, Elle. Elle the Humanist is a beautifully illustrated book presenting humanist ideas and ethics in a way that's warm, welcoming, and accessible for young readers. It features a foreword by renowned philosopher and author Daniel Dennett.

Douglas was a featured expert panel speaker at the 2017 BookCon in NYC on Science and Education. While releasing his book at BEA/NYC in 2017, he was interviewed by Helen Little for The Public Library Podcast on iHeartRadio about science, education and literature.